What To Eat Post Workout (Fitness Coaching Call In Action!)

When it comes to your fitness and fat loss, you might be making the same mistakes over and over without knowing. (Most people do!)

If you downloaded my free, 5 Steps To Rapid Fat Loss infographic, you know that step #5 in my fat loss system is ‘Raise Your Results (via Feedback).’

It’s real-time feedback – from a knowledgeable fitness professional – that helps you catch mistakes quickly and get you back on the right track so that you don’t waste time. Otherwise your results will suffer, and you’ll keep on struggling to lose weight and build muscle.

Yes, feedback is very valuable, and it’s why I do weekly one-on-one video check in calls with my fitness coaching clients, as part of my BodyHack90 transformation program.

If you’ve read this far, you’re in for a treat. In the video above, you will get a ‘sneak peek’ into  my real-time coaching feedback.

Watch the above video of one of my fitness coaching calls to see how quickly I fix some of the mistakes my client Chet was making.

Specifically, you will get answers and insights into the following questions:

  1. Should you work out in the morning?
  2. Should you eat after your workout?
  3. If so, what should you eat?
  4. What should you eat if you’re short on time?

If you’re struggling to get fat loss results, it might be because you’re making mistakes of which you are not aware.

How would you like a trained fitness professional to look out for you and fix mistakes you’re making?

Then, email me directly (my email is in the footer below) and I’ll tell you what to do next.

Let’s ‘raise’ those fitness results via feedback!

Deekron The Fitness DJ

Contact: deekron@motiontraxx.com

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