Pam Completed 99 HIIT Sessions and Lost 35 Pounds

Pam Completed 99 HIIT Sessions and Lost 35 Pounds


Pam lives by the mantra of “healthy mind, body, and spirit” for others and for herself

Name: Pam

Sessions Completed: 99

MotionTraxx Minutes Logged: 2,170

Favorite MotionTrack: Burn This! for Tabata Lovers

Result: Lost 35 pounds

After some soul searching and with the support of those close to her, Pam decided to make a big career change – she left the corporate world and dedicated her time to helping others. Pam now works as a mental health therapist with at-risk teens and kids in Ohio’s legal system. Most of her work is in-home intensive care that transforms how members of a family relate to one and other.

Sessions Completed

Pam has dealt with her own share of difficulties in life – she struggled with self-esteem as a kid and had a difficult divorce in her later years. Friends and family members gave Pam the positive foundation she needed to emerge out of trying times. She attributes her inclination to help others to her parents, and credits them for showing her how to respect others. Her brother (who is a marathon runner) and her sister-in-law both inspire Pam, as she sees how they excel in their personal and professional lives. Pam explains, “family and friends have impacted the way I see myself and interact with the world. Without these important people, I would not understand love and inspiration.” With so much support in her life, Pam was able to turn around and be a positive force for others.

Pam’s job is both emotionally taxing and rewarding. She works with defiant teens and struggling parents in crisis situations. Yet, she gets to be a part of major transformations as she helps families reunite and leads kids on a better path. Pam explains her success in therapy, “I think I’m a great listener and problem solver. I’m very empathetic and just want to see families succeed. Families are important to me because my family is so important to me.”

Pam lives by the mantra of “healthy mind, body, and spirit” for others and for herself. To keep up with the demands of her job, Pam makes sure to take care of herself first – a big part of that has been exercise. Exercise either gives Pam energy to start the day or helps her to decompress at day’s end.

MotionTraxx Minutes Logged


When Pam meets with some families to start the day, she knows she will have significant challenges to face. With a good workout under her belt, the better she is at her job – “the more energy I have, the better I feel about myself, the more I am able to help people.” Working out serves a different purpose at the end of the day – “because my job is definitely emotionally and mentally demanding,” she explains, “I need that release and reprieve. My workouts help me calm down and decompress before I go home.”

Working out translates to overall empowerment for Pam. While most of what is thrown at us in life is out of our control, exercise lets us gain control and feel a sense of autonomy in our own lives. The most satisfying part is seeing and feeling that what we put in has a tangible impact. For Pam, that tangible impact has been a 42 pound weight loss, increased self-esteem, and improved relationships. “My workouts help me hold myself higher, make me feel more confident in my job, and make me a better family member and friend.” While she never was a huge runner, Motion Traxx helped Pam gain endurance. The sense of satisfaction and accomplishment she feels after making it through an entire treadmill workout without stopping is immense.

Pam is a fighter in life and that quality shines through in the gym. “I’m a pretty intense person when I work out. When I do something, I always try to do it to the best of my ability. I always want to get the best workout in that I can and strive to get better every day.” She loves how Motion Traxx trainer and sport conditioning coach, Tom Holland pushes and empowers her. Hearing him say, “this is so you see change” and “this is so you improve” makes Pam push just that much harder to get results. “When I’m exhausted after, I feel amazing.”

Pam’s Favorite MotionTrack


Pam’s support system is comprised not only of Motion Traxx trainers, but also her family and best friend. The support and encouragement she has received from those close to her have been instrumental in her health journey – Pam feels incredibly grateful for those who have stood by her side and given her inspiration to keep on going.

Pam knows that exercise played a key role in her personal journey, and encourages those she works with to find a sport they love and to stay active. A healthy body is a key ingredient to a healthy mind.

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