Tracy Feels Young at Heart Through Exercise

Tracy Feels Young at Heart Through Exercise

Tracy lives in Fruita, Colorado, an outdoorsy area with a small town feel. She’s 45 with three kids (24, 21, and 11) and one 9 month-old granddaughter. Relaxed, energetic, tattooed, strong, and active, she’s one of the coolest grandmothers out there – as Tracy puts it, she’s really 25 at heart.

Name: Tracy

MotionTraxx Sessions Completed: 75

MotionTraxx Minutes Logged: 1,663

Favorite MotionTrack: Tabata Timer – 5 Rounds

Result: Young at heart

With biking as the most common mode of transportation and hiking as the favorite activity, wellness is inherent in the Fruita lifestyle. Unlike people who live in a big city, staying active isn’t something people have to make time for in Fruita – opportunities to stay fit and enjoy the outdoors present themselves on a daily basis.

Sessions Completed

The mountains and community feel are the secrets to Tracy’s youth. She wakes up to breathtaking views every morning and wherever she goes, Tracy runs into a friendly face. She describes her town as laid back and non-judgmental – “There’s no pressure here to be a certain way. My husband and I are heavily tattooed, I have a Mohawk – it’s not a big deal, nobody looks at you like there’s something wrong with you or like you’re a bad seed. There’s so much diversity with the type of people who live here.”

Fruita, Colorado

The mountains always have their way of capturing a sense of awe and they make you break a sweat. No matter where you go – whether driving or on a hike – the views are breathtaking. “You can have an awful day when everything is going wrong, then you go outside and think – look where I get to live and how I get to spend every second of my day.” Besides their aesthetic quality, the mountains are a great place for working out. Tracy often bikes up thousands of feet of elevation to get her heart rate going.

“I feel better about myself when I exercise – I feel more confident. If I can pedal up a thousand feet or go to the gym and lift a bunch of heavy weights over my head, it’s like I can conquer anything.”

Minutes Logged

When Tracy has to take her exercise indoors, MotionTraxx is the perfect solution to maintaining the intensity and sweat she gets from the mountains. She explains that sometimes it is a metal battle to get to the gym, but after one good Motion Traxx workout, her mood is completely enhanced. “Particularly with cardio, you want someone there to push you and keep you motivated.”

“If you’re on the spin bike by yourself, you can slack off, but there’s none of that with Greg Cook! He knows exactly when my mind is going to wander and even though he’s not standing right in front of me, I feel like he’s pushing me and telling me exactly what I need to hear at the right time.”

Tracy is surrounded by likeminded people who value working out and the outdoors and who strive to get the most out of each day whether it be hiking, fishing, camping, or working out in the gym. With no big cities around them, the residents of Fruita choose to live where they do for the love of the outdoors and a passion for the artsy scene. If Tracy and her husband aren’t mountain biking or hiking, they’ll be at a concert listening to music or drinking local beers.

Tracy’s Favorite MotionTrack

Tabata Timer



“I’ve said it before – I don’t know why everyone doesn’t live here!” The constant activity has kept Tracy young and the outdoors lifestyle has created an even stronger bond between Tracy, her husband and her eleven-year-old son. She says, “we love it here, this is home.”
Tracy doesn’t have to drive far to a gym or squeeze in workout time into her schedule – all she needs to do is walk outdoors, and enjoy the adventure that awaits. 

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Danielle Jacobs

Danielle is an experienced writer with a passion for Fitness and American History. For exercise she loves MotionTraxx spining, hiking, or playing pick-up basketball.

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